Thank you for taking a chance with me when I emailed you last year! Thank you for your friendship and sage guidance (when talking about you with my friends, you are known as my Sage). Thank you for taking the time to learn the skills you have and to pass them on. I am consistently astonished at how deep of an impact working with you has on my own growth and healing. Thank for offering that to me and so many others!

Kelly, California

I am still feeling the effect of it… and you really do have a gift for this kind of work.  I always feel blessed during and after.
Anne B.

I have been working with Ruthi for almost 2 years now on a bi-weekly basis.

I began with Ruthi feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and angry. Not only has tapping changed my life and my attitude to gratitude but Ruthi’s guidance pushing me gently toward loving and accepting myself fully has transformed my family dynamic and generations to come.

My kids now see me as fun and loving, My business is thriving (had the biggest financial returns last year ever and will this year too) and I have lost over 30 pounds in my health journey. I now eat healthier and I am in control of my health.

I cannot rave enough about Ruthi. She is also a powerful intuitive that has read for me many times. I know that everything is happening for me in the universe and I have connected with GOD, my source. The last women’s retreat Ruthi hosted was my jumping off point and I am so grateful she pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Every meeting we have she knows exactly what “elephant” is hiding in the room and we work together to release it. If you want change or are looking for that big reset I would highly recommend my life coach. Sending big love

Amy B.

I found the experience delightful! Ruthi is warm, welcoming, and made the whole experience feel safe. The information I received from my guides and supports was affirming, clear, given in a loving way and I truly look forward to having another session in the near future.

Sandi Boyd, MSN, RN, PCC

Founder & CEO, Revivify Coaching & Consulting

I am blessed to have Ruthi as a skillful, compassionate, and insightful guide on this journey.


Ruthi has the unique ability to listen with compassion, then apply her experience and professionalism to focus and get right down to the core issue you are facing. She delivers every time, with skill, grace, and strength, then gives you the tools to manifest your own healing and move forward with confidence. With Ruthi, it’s not just about feeling better – which you do – it’s also about personal growth and transformation on whatever level you’re ready to realize.

M.B. (Retreat Participant)

One of the most quickly beneficial exercises was naming and tapping on my limiting beliefs around money. SO powerful to bring these blocks into the light and bury them. After this exercise, I felt a huge release in the tension in my body and I’m implementing new beliefs that are already coming to fruition. I feel lighter and more full of joy, and I know that will bring in more abundance and prosperity. I am excited to see what unfolds with this new lightness!


I have found working with Ruthi to be a wonderful gift that I give myself. Ruthi has so much insight, skill, and kindness. She asks the right questions and gently probes until we get to the bottom of an issue. I have worked with her on my weight, my self esteem issues, and family issues. When I feel overwhelmed and hopeless, she brings me back to clarity and peace with her awesome skill and her gentle sense of humor. I have lost weight and found self-confidence. Ruthi is my secret weapon and I can never thank her enough!


“I’ve noticed a new level of relaxation and ease in a particular relationship, as well as greater ease with how I relate to food. The clutter aspect alone is HUGE, let alone the unexpected perks. I can’t thank you enough!!”

Lisa M.

 I can’t thank Ruthi enough for her guidance, her support, and her love through this incredibly deep work.


I am truly blessed to have Ruthi in my life. I know that God has blessed me with her as my guide. I value the connection. Thanks for being exactly exactly who you are, Ruthi. Period. Thank you


I always come away from our sessions feeling deliciously unburdened and armed with fresh insight. Thank you. When I count my blessings, you are one.


Listen here to Jodi’s amazing praise for Ruthi:

I have been working with Ruthi for years, and she has guided me through many phases of my transformation journey. Healing deep emotional wounds, unearthing and releasing false beliefs, discovering true desires and taking positive steps toward making them reality—Ruthi can handle it all. She holds space for you and keeps you safe so you can be vulnerable. She’s strong enough to call you out on the lies you tell yourself. Be prepared to get real and do some deep work—but also know you will have a compassionate, empathetic guide in Ruthi to help you see that cultivating genuine self-love is not only possible, it’s required.  You won’t regret working with her, and if your experience is anything like mine, the time and energy you put forth will take you to places that far exceed your expectations.

Michelle Marie Brady

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

Tapping with Ruthie has changed my life, I used to binge when I got home, that hasn’t happened in over a year. She is skilled and kind, I highly recommend anyone considering working with her, you’ll be happy you did. Sessions with her have brought so much good into my life.