The Akashic Records are a spiritual resource

a Light, a dimension of consciousness that contains the vibrational record of every Soul and its journey.

When we open our Records with a thoughtful, heartfelt prayer, we align ourselves with this truth and Light. We allow the Light to support us in clearing our imbalances and quicken our ability to be happy and joyful.

This allows us to release judgment, fear, and resistance and to begin to embrace acceptance, allowing, trust and flow. (adapted from Healing through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe)

Sessions are $75 for a 30-minute reading.

Amazing! This was my first time having an Akashic Reading and having it with Ruthi. The reading confirmed messages and or thoughts I had received from prayers and meditations. And information I received in the reading was confirmed as recently as this morning in a Saturday morning group prayer I attended. The information was spot on and let me know to ease up, relax, give God my worries as He has me safe in His hands and to have fun. Ruthi is intuitive, empathetic and has an easy manner when giving the reading; making you feel comfortable. Thank you Ruthi!

Andrea L.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a session with Ruthi today, and the wisdom and expertise she bring to her readings is powerful. I felt I was in supremely good hands, and loved the spot-on messages, inspirations and encouragement perfect for this stage in my adventure. Thank you Ruthi, you’re a star!

Corinne W.

Embodiment Coach