Let’s go on a 5 day journey together to increase your self-love, and find joy through acceptance. 

There is no other person in this world like you…and that is a good thing.

You deserve to be loved, not only by those around you, but by the most
important person in your life – YOU.


The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself!

I’d love to send you my free e-book: “7 Keys to a Loving Relationship with Yourself, Food and Your Body”

Tap Into Possibilities

This call is an intro to EFT Tapping. We Tapped on stress, worry and anger and ended with creating our dreams in the Matrix.

The Weight of Shame

Shame steals our joy, limits what we’re able to achieve and stops us dead in our tracks. During this powerful call, we lead you through a process of connecting to your authentic self. We move you forward to courage, connection and compassion and release the fear, blame, guilt and disconnection that you’ve been experiencing for far too long.

What you’ll learn in this 1 hour free presentation:

  • 3 main sources of shame
  • 3 most damaging blocking beliefs you experience from shame
  • 3 most effective ways to release shame and how this can transform your life
This was a call that I hosted around the holidays/winter solstice called, “Out of the Pantry: Bringing the Emotional Eater Out of the Shadow and Into the Light!” Although it was hosted around the winter solstice, it is appropriate for any time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. If you’re stuffing your feelings with food, this call is for you.
In this call, we explore your sugar cravings – why you have them, what they’re trying to tell you, and how you can finally be free from the intense power that they have in your life. We use EFT Tapping and meditation to decode and conquer these powerful cravings so we can find peace and joy again with food and our bodies.

In this call, we discuss self-sabotage, the reasons why we self-sabotage, and how to overcome this. We’ll be doing some tapping/guided meditation to help us release these defeating patterns so we can love and accept ourselves.