Transformations 8.0

Healing Emotional Eating is a Spiritual Journey

A Journey to who you truly are beneath the weight, the story, the long held beliefs about yourself and your body.

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Is this you?


Do you consider yourself to be an emotional eater?


Do you turn to food to calm your stress and anxiety?


Is food your BFF on lonely nights?


Do you find yourself turning to chips to defuse anger?


Or turn to ice cream when you feel sad?


Have you tried every diet only to end up more frustrated and hopeless?

If you answered yes to any or all of these you have come to the right place.

I lost so much more than the 23 pounds. I was able to let go of shame, resentment, and all of my negative self-talk.  Priceless!


Welcome home!

Let’s take an honest look at your emotional eating.

When did your Emotional Eating begin?

  • Maybe your Eating began with your parent’s divorce or you lost someone dear to you.  
  • Maybe it was a teacher/friend/sibling/bully/parent who made fun of you or judged you and now that voice lives in your head.
  • Maybe it was a big breakup.
  • Maybe it was how you survived emotional/verbal/sexual or physical abuse in childhood.

Whatever the reason, you found a way to survive!

Your Emotional Eating served you when you needed it the most. And it became a way of life. A way of dealing with all problems. Feel sad, eat. Feel mad, eat. Didn’t speak up for yourself, eat. Lonely, food is there for you. On and on and on.

You created this way of eating at a time when you needed it to survive. Good for you! You made it.

I know you’ve tried tons of diets that have most likely left you feeling more like a failure, more hopeless, and more like there must be something wrong with you. After trying a million different diets, you’re probably tired, ashamed, desperate. Nothing ever works, so why try anymore, right?

I so get it!

I’ve been there too.

Your excess physical weight is actually a reflection of the traumas and burdens you carry.

Your weight is a reflection of the words and desires left unexpressed and stuffed down. The feelings you’re pretending not to feel. Your weight is a reflection of the feeling that you don’t quite fit in.

That you’re different somehow. Your weight is actually not your problem at all; it’s just a symptom.

So, where are you in this journey?


Are you ready to dive deeper into what is behind your cravings, your weight, your pain?


Are you ready to receive higher Guidance and loving support?

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

If so, I’d like to ask you to consider joining me this summer for Transformation 8.0

Transformation 8.0 is a Journey to:


Loving and accepting yourself where you are today


Growing in Emotional Literacy-understanding what your feelings are trying to tell you


Becoming your own “Compassionate Observer”


Learning new ways of self-soothing and mothering yourself


Start connecting to and trusting your bodies’ wisdom


Developing Peace and Joy with your relationship with Food


Creating your very own unique healing plan with your own Divine Guides


Forgiveness and releasing Shame and Guilt


Finding your Voice, your Truth, your best Life


Connecting with your Soul’s Guidance, Purpose and Passion


Stepping into your own Power and Truth

It is a Journey to Wholeness.

This program is a combination of receiving the tools and techniques you need:


To live a new way of being in the world and with food and your body.

Learning self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.


The opportunity to grow in ways you may never have imagined had anything to do with your weight and eating.

It’s about releasing limiting beliefs and healing past hurts. It’s about not feeling alone anymore and finding your community or tribe. It’s about using your subconscious mind to heal and support you. It’s about finding your VOICE and expressing yourself.

“I was able to figure out what the root cause was and start working on that. It’s my self-esteem, my core basic beliefs about myself and where they come from that was holding me back. Ruthi is brilliant!”


Hi, I’m Ruthi Cohen-Joyner!

I support, encourage and inspire women into learning to love and accept themselves, release emotional weight, and move into the life of their dreams, which just consequently is often the winning formula for releasing physical weight.

What I offer is the gift of love and support as you find Your Way, Your Voice, Your Authentic Self, Your Personal Power.

Women heal in Circle!

We need each other to love and support us as we find our way to wholeness. You do not have to do this alone!  I will be there every step of the way.  Believe it or not this process can be fun, joyful, and freeing.

I’m inviting 12 fabulous women to join me on this journey to healing emotional eating with loving, Divine guidance in a Circle of women who get it.

Here’s what you get

All Calls are Live on Zoom


Private Facebook page

For connecting with each other between classes along the way.


Resources & recordings

A private webpage where you will find all the recordings for the classes after they happen and many other resources to enhance each topic. Here you’ll also find extra recorded meditations, hypnotherapy sessions and tapping scripts along the way


6 private 60 minute sessions!

Every other week, you’ll meet privately with Ruthi by Zoom to work on your own issues in private. This alone is worth the price of this program.

WEEK 1: Setting the Stage for Success: Courage and Commitment Ceremony

In our first week together, we’ll set the stage for success by sharing an overview of the program, sharing about ourselves, and doing a guided meditation in ceremony to set the container for 12 weeks together

WEEK 2: Releasing Limiting Beliefs

We’ll use a combination of techniques to release our old limiting beliefs about our bodies, food and weight. We will then instill new positive beliefs.  Releasing excess weight is possible for anyone including you! Let’s make this belief so real that releasing excess emotional and physical weight will actually be easy and fun.

WEEK 3: The Gift of Emotional Eating

Could emotional eating actually be a gift that helped you survive some of the toughest times in your life?

Let’s discuss how our weight and food issues started in the first places with a deep dive into our Timelines. We’ll create our weight timelines together and mine them for the gems that lie hidden in the past.

WEEK 4: Creating your new Identity.

If you identify yourself as “the fat girl”, it’s time for a new identity. This week we’ll use EFT Tapping and hypnosis to create that new identity.

WEEK 5: Body Wisdom

This week we’ll focus on learning to listen to our own bodies in deeper, profound ways.

WEEK 6: I Don’t Want To! Ending Resistance, Rebellion, and Self-sabotage

Although a part of you really wants to do this work, there is another part of you that just wants to sit on the couch, eat and watch TV. We actually want to befriend that part of us that rebels and see if we can get to rebel for us, not against us.

WEEK 7: Grief and Loss

Sometimes the weight we carry is related to the sadness and loss we haven’t let go of. In this class, we’ll do a healing process to let go of grief.

WEEK 8: Releasing the Weight of Shame

Shame is a sneaky thief. It robs you of courage. It robs you of self-love. It robs you of hope. It keeps you stuck and feeling not good enough. Shame steals our joy, limits what we’re able to achieve and stops us dead in our tracks.

Releasing the weight of shame is the ultimate game changer!
This week we’ll work on releasing shame, guilt and embarrassment – the unholy trinity.

WEEK 9: Forgiveness

Have you forgiven yourself for your eating and weight issues? Are there others in your life that you haven’t forgiven? Let’s work on releasing these old grudges and resentments in this class to release this emotional weight once and for all.

WEEK 10: What's Love Got to Do with It?

Self-love and loving your body.

Learning to love and accept yourself is a big challenge for those of us who’ve gotten so used to judging and criticizing ourselves for so many years. During this module, we’ll look at how we do this so often without even thinking about it and learn healthier ways to treat our bodies and ourselves.

WEEK 11: Finding Your True Voice!

Guest speaker (TBA) will share with us ways of creating assertiveness and boundaries in our lives.

WEEK 12: To Infinity and Beyond! Learning to truly honor your Heart’s Desires

Stepping into your Feminine Power. Find your voice, your truth, your purpose and creating the life of your dreams. This class will be dedicated to the woman you’re becoming and pulling it all together.

Here’s my story…

I can remember feeling fat as young as eight and starting on my first diet at 13 even though I wasn’t really fat. Yet. From 13 on I’ve believed I was fat. I dieted several times in high school and by my freshman year in college I was almost 40 pounds heavier than I was when I first thought I was fat.

Of course, I didn’t understand then, that what I thought I could fix with a diet was really a combination of being uncomfortable with this new female adolescent body and low self esteem.

Fast forward to when I was 27 and my Dad died from cancer and my real emotional eating began. I gained 35 lbs very quickly and learned to use food to stuff down grief, loneliness, sadness, anger, etc… in a new, more desperate way.

Read the full story

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I become a nutritionist with both undergrad and master’s degrees in nutrition because I thought that would make me thin. Instead, that just added another layer of guilt and shame to be an expert and still not be able to “get it right”.

In 2012, I trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping and lost 20 lbs using EFT in 2013. I started working with other women to heal their own woes with emotional eating and weight issues. I thought I had it all figured out. But guess what? Life didn’t just stop.

Many things happened with more losses, health issues, emotional stuff, etc.. over the next few years and well, you guessed it, I started eating emotionally again.

I won’t go into every detail but suffice it to say, that I’ve gotten an opportunity to go deeper into ny own healing. And I’m getting there. I don’t have all the answers and I’m not perfect but I’ve learned a great deal with my own journey and all the women that I’ve worked with over the last nine years.

I’m honestly doing better than ever before. I don’t know where the story goes from here but it truly feels like life just keeps getting better and better.

Saying goodbye to emotional eating is possible.

The backbone of this program is based on the belief that we are in a new time. A time when we are receiving more love and support from the other side of the veil than ever before.

This is why this program is called
Transformations 8.0

In Lee Harris’ February Energy Update, he states that we are in a time on this planet where we are manifesting eight (8) times faster than we have in the past.

We are receiving more Divine love, help and guidance than ever before.

 The way I’m seeing this show up is that people are able to heal past hurts and limiting beliefs and patterns faster than ever before.

Think about what that means for you.

Is it finally possible to begin using other ways of self-soothing or expressing yourself than you could before?

Is it possible that this means that now is the time to commit to releasing Emotional Eating and emotional weight and step more fully into being you?

To give yourself full permission to let go of the way of eating that has served you so well in the past?

To give yourself full permission to show up more fully as yourself. Your awesome self!

“Ruthi’s program is so refreshingly different.  I looked forward to every call, and her intuition is spot on – I felt like she looking right into my soul.”


Feel led to join me?

Join me and 11 fabulous women on this journey to healing emotional eating with loving, Divine guidance in a Divine Circle of women who get it.

You’ll get:

Two classes a week for 12 weeks

Mondays will include a combination of EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, guided meditation, hypnotherapy, and more! (75-90 minutes)

Thursday calls will often include a combination of eating together, tapping and discussing that week’s topic. (30-45 minutes)

6 private 60-min sessions

Every other week, you’ll meet privately with Ruthi by Zoom to work on your own issues in private. This alone is worth the price of this program.

Private Facebook page

For connecting with each other between classes along the way.

Resources & recordings

A private webpage where you will find all the recordings for the classes after they happen and many other resources to enhance each topic. Here you’ll also find extra recorded meditations, hypnotherapy sessions and tapping scripts along the way

I have totally enjoyed this. It’s been a stretching experience. I do a lot of work to try to get me to like myself. This time around with this group I like me much better now. I’m going to miss the Monday calls something fierce.


Coming January 2022