What’s Your Blissipline?

Aug 8, 2016 | Self-Love


Weird word, huh? I’ve been listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith’s program, Life Visioning: A Four Stage Evolutionary Journey to Divine Love on Audible. Beckwith coined this term to mean the things you do on a regular basis, your discipline or practice, that increases your BLISS.

So what’s your bliss? I define it as deep Joy. You know. That Joy that surpasses all understanding. It’s your connection to God or the Universe. It’s the feeling you have when you transcend your everyday worries and concerns to remember who you are or whose you really are. That space of true gratitude for everything.

Developing a Blissipline is as simple as participating in the things that truly bring you love and joy. It doesn’t have to be complicated or weird. You don’t have to go to India for months or fast for several weeks. Just appreciate what you have. Here, I’ll show you. As I sit here writing this, the Olympics are muted on the TV and my husband, daughters and dog are all here enjoying this rainy Sunday afternoon together in the den. I’m looking out the front window at the trees and noticing how lush they look in their fullness and with the rain dripping off the leaves. Just stopping for a moment to take a deep breath and enjoying what I have, really appreciating what I have, increases my BLISS. And I believe the more bliss we allow in, the more our bliss grows.The more our bliss grows, the more we are able share and shine in the world. Help grow bliss in others. Truly make a difference in our world.

Blissipline activities might include your morning meditation time, prayer time, devotions, walking in nature, yoga, fun with a friend or partner, etc… Anything that increases your love and joy that you do on a regular basis. Guess I’m repeating myself but I really want to make it clear that you get to take responsibility for your life by the things you choose to do everyday. And it’s that daily practice that determines if you are growing in bliss or victim hood. Your choice as always.