Coronavirus: Crisis or Opportunity?

Mar 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Coronavirus: Crisis or Opportunity? 

The Coronavirus pandemic started with a virus. A new or novel virus, not known before. This virus is spreading quickly all over the world and yet, the fear and panic about it, is spreading even faster. Thankfully, quickly following in fear and panic’s footsteps is an opportunity for us to learn, love and grow as a global community. 

We, as the people of the world, get a wonderful opportunity to realize that we are ALL in this together. We are also getting an opportunity to learn to love together in new and novel ways. 

Consider these possible changes:

Socially, although we are “ socially distancing”, we are coming together in loving ways through the gift of social media and reconnecting with our own humanity. Families are coming together and bonding over puzzles, board games and spending time together instead of just being shuffled in the car to their next event.

Environmentally, the world gets a chance to look at how things could be done differently to protect our collective mother, Mother Earth. We’re spending time in nature and going for healing walks. We’re giving Mother Earth a break from the carbon expenditures from our cars, trains and planes.

Politically, communities are getting an opportunity to put down the hatchet and let go of our differences and realize we have a common enemy, which I believe is fear and panic, the fear virus if you will, more than the Coronavirus itself. 

In many ways, politicians at local levels are putting the health and safety of all above all differences in thinking and political agendas.

On a mental and emotional level, I learned a great lesson from the humorist, JP Sears, about how we can choose to deal with this event from an emotional hysteria perspective or from a rational intelligent viewpoint in making our own decisions about our family and social lives, our physical and mental health choices and our financial choices.

On a spiritual level, the communities that I know about or am involved in, students of Joe Dispenza, Sue Mortor, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Unity Church teachings, and many, many others including more traditional religious communities, are calling us to come together in harmony. Using the tools that we are most comfortable with.  Meditation, prayer, EFT Tapping, sending love and intention with Reiki, and our various other gifts, talents, skills, and abilities on all levels to love and support each other as we come together as a global community, possibly entering a time of more love and connection than we’ve experienced before.

There truly is much higher love and support through all of this, which is creating an amazing gift and opportunity.

I wonder what is possible for us all?