Whether you attended SHiFT Charlotte 2019 or not, these offers are sure to create shifts in your life!

Special Offers

There’s a Tap for That

This program is designed to quickly get you back on track when life throws you a curveball. We will uplift your energy, raise your vibration and help you to step into your power by aligning you with who you really want to be. 

BONUS! Free 20-Minute Tapping Session!

Your Daily Bliss

This special meditation package includes 4 life-changing audios and will be delivered via email right away, so you no longer delay feeling relief and ease in your life.

How different would your life be today if you filled it with love, gratitude and positive energy? I’ve created a daily meditation program that does just that.

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Manifest and Make Your Life Sizzle

What are you ready to manifest in your life?

Join us for a 21-Day Manifesting Supercharged Virtual Event to enhance your ability to create WHATEVER it is you want. You can use this approach with any goal, whether small or completely life-changing.

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