The ABC’s of Change

Apr 17, 2017 | Self-Love

What are you attempting to change in your life? Your relationship with food? Your relationship with your body? Maybe your relationship with money? Whatever changes you are making, this simple technique can help you get there. I like to think of it as inviting your Future Self or Optimal Self to run the show. So here it goes.

Start by asking yourself this simple question: What am I currently saying to myself? How am I speaking to myself? In a loving, supportive, life-changing way? Or in a nagging, judging, Ego-centered way?

These questions will lead to the ABC’s of Change (There’s actually A, B, C, D here but that’s just too challenging to simplify into a good title) 

A =Awareness
Awareness of how you’re currently treating yourself. You gotta start with Awareness. You obviously can’t change anything without being aware of where you are. Asking yourself the question above leads us to awareness. Simply observing your own words and thoughts is the beginning of lasting change.

B=Breathe (and Tap)
Take just a moment to breathe. (Of course, I’ll add Tap in here, too, but again that doesn’t work well with my ABC plan.)
Simply breathe and Tap on your collarbone stop (Not familiar with this Tapping modality? Learn more here). As you center yourself with your breath, go to the next question below.

C=Create what you really want
Now here’s the important part: Ask yourself: What would my Optimal Self say or do in this moment? From awareness and breathing for a moment, think about how your Optimal Self would deal with this situation. Maybe it’s your Naturally Thin Self who would choose to eat an apple with almond butter instead of cookies for a snack, or your Prosperous Self might choose not to buy the purse to hold on to her money for later gratification instead of instant gratification in this moment. You have your best answers if you simply allow your Best Self or Optimal Self to make your choices.

D= Daily
Make this and/or other practices that support you in becoming your Optimal Self part of your life every day. Hopefully, you wouldn’t even consider not brushing your teeth one day so that is a daily practice that supports you in your dental health. Now what daily practices can you incorporate into your life to support your emotional/energetic health?

Try out the ABC’s of Change and let us know how it goes for you. You really do have what it takes to achieve your Best Life now.