Are you hungry for God?

Aug 2, 2017 | EFT, Emotional Eating

Ever had one of those intense moments where you’re just hungry and feel like eating everything in sight? And you don’t know what you’re really hungry for. Nothing in particular sounds good, and yet everything sounds good at the same time. You start eating anything you can find, but nothing really satisfies you.

When you feel a need to EAT or Binge, what are you really hungry for? Is it possible that it’s for a Bigger Connection? Connection to who you really are? Your Divine Self? The Self that knows she is really much more than this body on this planet at this time?

Maybe that speaks to you; maybe not. But either way, I think we are often hungry for Connection, not food. And I believe that is for our ultimate connection- God or Universe.

So, how can you connect instead of eating?

First, stop, take a breath and connect to your own breathing and body. This reminds me my former blog post, The Power of the Pause if you’d like more on the power of stopping or slowing down before making a choice. The idea is to be in the Present Moment. Just allow yourself to be in this moment and breathe.

Second, what do you do to connect to your own Divinity? Prayer, meditation or simply setting an intention to Connect? I find a memory of feeling connected is a great way to reconnect. Just close your eyes and allow a memory of being really connected to surface and just breathe in that feeling. Bask in it. Lean into it.

Another way to jump into Connection is Gratitude. Just stopping and thinking about what you are grateful for in this moment. Be specific. Instead of “my family”, how about my partner’s smile? or my child’s laughter last night when we were playing a game together? The more specific and recent the better. You may find it helpful to keep a list of things you are grateful for like a gratitude journal to help with this.

If you are having trouble connecting with Gratitude, this is the perfect time to Tap on whatever is blocking your way. It might look like:
Even though I’m not feeling grateful right now…
As a matter of fact I feel……and Tap on whatever comes up for you until you are able to let it go.

I recently had a client say: “Gratitude fills me up. I have fullness in my body. I don’t need the food when I am filled with gratitude and connection. What I’m really Hungry for is God.”

What about you? Are you hungry for God?